Mother and Child

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Mother and Child


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This is Djes Bèl and her baby, Eli Wyo. All profits made will go directly to Djes Bèl. By purchasing this image, you will be supporting her and her child.


Below are some words from Djes Bèl:

"In the two years since I became a mother and dedicated myself to living as an artist and healer, on many days I thought my fear and lack would eat me whole. I have a void in my heart, I bear the mark of trauma, neglect and abuse. When I was pregnant, I had doubt that I was whole enough to be the fierce and gentle mother my son deserves, doubt that my talents were enough to sustain us, to provide the life we both deserve. It is only through continued devotion and practice that I have come to see that my vulnerabilities and my strengths are one, that my doubt is nothing but the underbelly of my faith.

It is through the love and support of friends like Lula that I have been able to pull through times when I was coasting on fumes. Nowadays, i’m applying to return to school this spring (wish me luck), working to finish my next book of art and poetry (it’s going to be amazing), and slowly (very slowly) building discipline in my yoga practice so that I can teach private sessions and group workshops that focus on healing modes for people who experience depression, anxiety, habits of self-harm and/or who have survived and are healing from physical illness, abuse, trauma and neglect. All of these elements feed the singular goal of providing permanent housing for myself and my son, something we haven’t had since he was born.

Outside of myself, beyond care for my son, I see it as my work in this life to redefine “single mother” as a position of power.

My vision is simple: to support myself and my son through works that are true to my heart and allow me to be fully present as a mother. Through that work, I aim to educate and assist in the healing of others. It is a humble undertaking, but a radical one; our world is not geared toward women and mothers who choose to exist in the way I have chosen. We want to create and allow space for women and mothers like me.  My infinite gratitude to all of you who chose and are able to support this fundraising effort. You are investing in mine and my son’s joy. We thank you, deeply, and with much love." - Djes Bèl



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